We are Thomas van Bracht and Pim Nijland, two Freelance Cycling Photographers from The Netherlands working together as Peloton Photos.
We are working with a ton of partners and have cycling photos featured in many magazines, newspapers and websites. Photographing the action and emotions of the sport.
When your events and campaigns need beautiful pictures and fast, Peloton Photos is the one you are looking for.

Working with different cycling related websites and companies, we travel the globe to produce anything from a feature shoot with a cycling superstar to event action shots that capture your brand and its involvement in cycling.

We offer a tailored service, covering scenarios from PR events to advertising campaigns. Our team will work with you from start to finish so you achieve your desired result.

Peloton Photos have appeared in a range of newspapers and magazines, including both local newspapers and specialist cycling and sports magazines. We can provide stock images to meet the needs of all kinds of media. We are well aware of the time pressures facing newspapers and magazines, and pride ourselves on our response rates, meaning that if you’re an editor who needs a certain image tomorrow, we will deliver as promised.

We are a specialist in Cycling Photography


Is a great endurance sport and lifestyle. We of Peloton Photos have grown up with cycling in the Netherlands.


With our university background, we of Peloton Photos have the marketing skills to promote your brand.


This is our creative passion. We want to capture great actions and emotions with a story. We have the knowledge to produce the best images.


We use the high quality gear of Canon and other partners to produce the best images.

Our Mission

Make the best images for our clients with our knowledge of photography, cycling and marketing.

We are good at

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more cycling, more photography and at least some more fans. As a result we deliver the best photography experience.

Pro Cycling
Lightroom & Photoshop
We can't stop working
Our Team

Thomas van Bracht

Cycling Photographer

Thomas is member of the International Sports Press Association. He has experience with shooting many Pro Cycling Races from local races in the United Kingdom and the United States to international races like the Spring Classics, Giro d’Italia and the Tour de France. Thomas has publications at ProCycling Magazine, VeloNews, Bianchi Bikes, VeloUK, CX Magazine and more.

Pim Nijland

Cycling Photographer

Pim is our 2nd cycling photographer. He is managing the photo library and website of Peloton Photos. He has experience with helping Thomas at many Pro Cycling Races from international races like the Spring Classics and the Tour de France. Pim has publications at Specialized Bicycles, Bianchi Bikes, VeloUK, CX Magazine and more.

Example Services

Photo Library

Our images are quickly available after races or shoots for our clients through our online photo library. The photo library is made available through our partner Photoshelter. Please contact us through our contact form, with your needs and we will make a quotation.

Rider/Tech Coverage

Obtain new images of the highest quality for your product & rider promotion, like sponsors, media and more.

Full Race Day Coverage

If you are searching for a team that will cover your event with beautiful images for social media, galleries and prints.

Product Development

We can edit images for the use on prints and products.

Example Clients
Bike Pure