Peloton Photos

We are a creative cycling photography company located in Gelderland, The Netherlands.
We are working with a ton of partners and have cycling photos featured in many magazines, newspapers and websites.
Photographing the action and emotions of the sport.


Is a great endurance sport and lifestyle. We of Peloton Photos have grown up with cycling in the Netherlands.


With our university background, we of Peloton Photos have the marketing skills to promote your brand.


This is our creative passion. We want to capture great actions and emotions with a story. We have the knowledge to produce the best images.


We use the high quality gear of Canon and other partners to produce the best images.

Bike Pure
Our Mission

Make the best images for our clients with our knowledge of photography, cycling and marketing.

We are good at

Each completed project makes us even more hungry, hungry for more cycling, more photography and at least some more fans. As a result we deliver the best photography experience.

Pro Cycling
Lightroom & Photoshop
We can't stop working
Our Team
Thomas van Bracht

Cycling Photographer & Commercial Manager

Thomas is co-owner of Peloton Photos with Pim Nijland. He is a graduated sales and marketing expert, and photographer.  Next to selling cycling-related stuff for his own business ‘Van Bracht Services’. Thomas knows many people in the pro cycling industry and knows there needs in cycling media. In his spare time, Thomas loves to travel…

Pim Nijland

Cycling Photographer & Content Manager

Pim is co-owner of Peloton Photos with Thomas van Bracht. He is a graduated traffic engineer and photographer.  His first experience with pro cycling was a trip in 2012 to the World Championship of Cyclo-cross in Koksijde, Belgium. There he experienced the cool atmosphere and the sport in real life. In his spare time Pim…